Essay about Carelessness By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Carelessness is the behavior of a neglection that one many portray in their decision. In the 1920s, people were reckless and did not care what the turnout would be. They would go to a party and have one too much drinks; go behind the wheel and get into a car when they know they were unable to drive is one of many examples of carelessness. The Great Gatsby, a novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is not only based on romance and love, but it foreshadows the lack of responsibility and self control these characters have in the novel. Carelessness is pivotal in the character’s lives because they are blinded from reality; they are only living through their wealth which causes them to do wreckage to their lives. A character in the novel who can be described as careless is Jordan Baker. In chapter three, Nick tells her that she is a horrible driver. Jordan drove very closely to a worker that was nearby that it flicked a button on his coat. She acts childishly by saying “ They’ll keep out of my way”. This shows that Jordan does not take responsibility in her own actions. She believes that it is fine for her to drive however she wants and that it is the responsibility of other drivers to watch out for her. Jordan also will not accept the reality of that she is indeed a bad driver. Also she is a hypocrite. Before Gatsby’s death, Jordan says that she hates careless people, but it turns out that later on in the novel, it is revealed that Jordan encounters another bad driver like…

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