Caregiving For Patients With Heart Failure : Impact On Patients

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Introduction. Quantitative research is research in which numbers are used to represent reality, and it is directed with the purpose of discovering relationships as well as cause and effect (Fain, 2015). For the purpose of this critique the reader will be analyzing the effectiveness of the Quantitative Article Caregiving for Patients with Heart Failure: Impact on Patients’ Families. To complete this critique, the reader is using methods outlined in the text Reading, Understanding, and Applying Nursing Research.
This study clearly stated its purpose, which was, “to identify factors associated with the impact of caregiving –both positive and negative—among family caregivers of patients with heart failure” (Hwang, Fleischmann, Howie-Esquivel, Stotts, & Dracup, 2011, pg 432). Hwang et al. (2011) further report the study’s aim as describing the levels of the perceived physical and mental health status and the impact of caregiving among the family caregivers, identifying factors associated with the impact of caregiving, and determining moderating effects of social support on the impact of caregiving (Hwang et al., 2011, pg. 432). The purpose statement of this study does provide the rationale behind the creation of this study and the study reinforces its objective by emphasizing the impact of care on the caregiver. The study also identifies that the researchers had a hypothesis that there was a relationship between increased health outcomes and increased burden upon family…

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