Caregiving And Their Own Struggles Essay

777 Words Apr 11th, 2016 4 Pages
We live in a selfish society where a majority of people only care about themselves, and feel no obligation to their family. We dismiss caregivers, never really truly realizing the level of difficulty of their labor. I don’t think we should feel obligated to take care of our elders, we should WANT to. These individuals paved a path for many generations, made many technological advances, and molded us into the people we are today, and at the very least we should want to provide them with the care they deserve and need.
I read two stories both about caregiving, both with their own struggles. The first was about Sherry Wray, a women with her own health issues who has taken it upon herself to take care of her elderly mother in her home. Sherry’s mother has multiple health issues of incontinence, falling, confusion, depression, interstitial cystitis, Crohns, pancreatitis, and special dietary foods. Sherry receives no support from other family members nor support from the government. The second story I read is very different than Sherry’s story, it’s about Eleanor, who is also caring for her mother, but Eleanor is an only child and her mother living in a senior apartment on her own. Eleanor is struggling with managing her own life as well as being there and supporting her mother. She worries about the future and what it might hold for her mother.
After reading both stories, I felt sympathy for both of these women, and anger for the lack of support they received. Neither had the…

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