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Online Quiz5
Narrowing the Options6
CGA (Chartered General Account)6
Aerospace Engineer7
Your Career and You8
Which career Interests You the Most8
Transferable Skills8
Skills and Values9
Planning Secondary School Courses10
My High School Plan10
Your Post-Secondary Options11
Resume and Cover 12
Type chapter title (level 2)5
Type chapter title (level 3)6
Type chapter title (level 1)4
Type chapter title (level 2)5
Type chapter title (level 3)6

My name is Jacob Joshy Kalarickal. I am a 15 year old boy who basically follows the pattern eat-sleep-ball-study–repeat. I know that sounded crazy, well I guess that speaks a little bit about my personality. I am the first
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I am a dedicated who uses all the skills I possessed in order to the best I can in almost everything I do. I also consider myself to be a practical thinker who is curious, hesitant, loyal, independent, and stubborn (at times). Obviously like any other normal individual I do have my own collection of dislikes. These include rude people, racism, homework, social justice issues, and any sort of work that involves me working hard (that is only when I am lazy which is basically always), and most importantly being woken up early in the morning on week-ends.

Through the completion of several self-assessments in this course, I have discovered new things about myself. After completing the self-esteem quiz, I found out that my self-esteem was at the Middle of the Road. My self –esteem in the middle meaning it is not the best, and not the worst. After completing this self-assessment I was told that I could improve my self-esteem my believing in myself more.
Another thing I have learned is that in terms of handling change I am a Borderline Positive Coyote. Through what I have learned about adapting to change I will need to avoid hesitating on things. The completion of the personality type’s quiz informed me that I am a sensible, cautious, careful, modest, and practical individual. I learned that I l am not a clever, gifted, or talented individual. However I discovered that I am a

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