Career Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction Of The Middle Aged Adults

1324 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
When deciding a career it’s very important to take into consideration on how this could ultimately affect an individual 's life in an emotional, mental, and physical aspect. Many individuals are either highly satisfied with their careers or they’re unsatisfied, but continue to work in that career for multiple reasons. These reasons are mainly social and economic factors, with that being said it’s very important for an individual to be very consciousness when deciding a career. Furthermore, when it’s comes to career satisfaction it’s very important for that individual to be passionate in the career that they are pursuing in order to reach full satisfaction. In this survey three young adults and three middle aged adults were selected that all pursue different careers that gave their opinion on career satisfaction and dissatisfaction. With that being said when it comes to the middle aged adults there were many similarities to their responses despite their different career paths. For example, when it comes down to the top three characteristics that are the most satisfying for a career the most common characteristic would be the pay of that specific career. All three of these adults have families that they support so it’s quite understandable as to why pay would be such an important factor because without that financial stability many problems could arise. As well, when it came to the reasoning on why they’ve made a decision on leaving their careers it was due to there being no…

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