Essay on Career Research : My Life

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Career Research Paper

The career I want to research about is contruction. I have great interest in building or creating new structures. As a child I loved putting things together to make new things. Since then Construction has been my favored career when I grow old. One of my goals when I achieve my goal is to build my own house, the way I want it to be. My father owns his own Construction company. I was told that if I graduate and pursue my dream in construction that he will pass down the whole company to me. And loving to build things and having a huge head start when I graduate, almost feels like a dream come true to me.
For the past couple years my dad has been taking me to his work, showing me all he does as a boss to keep his business running. Two summers ago I went to work with my dad every day, waking up at 6AM to go to work, but being boss had its privileges like going to the store to get coffee and a donut. But it 's hard work. There 's more talking then work as a boss nevertheless there 's also more paperwork. I 've had lots of work experience in construction, such as painting, placing floorboards, making stone walls, plumbing, and much more.
The main reason I was motivated to pursue construction is I love building things especially new things. As a child I always told my mom inventions I wanted to create, some of them were building a car that charges itself but, that 's already been invented of course. The one that my mom always told me pursue is building a…

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