Essay on Career Planning At Arkansas State University

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As a junior Finance Major in college at Arkansas State University, it is important that I, along with other college students, begin to plan for a career after university. I feel like a quote I once read on a poster in teacher’s classroom in high school would go along perfectly with the topic of career planning. “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.” By preparing for a career, this allows a student to really see what opportunities/jobs their degree can offer them. A college student should always know what job opportunities their major offers them along with knowing what career planning opportunities their college offers.
Arkansas State University offers many career planning resources. These are great tools that I, along with any college student, should utilize to maximize job potential. Some of the many of ASU’s career planning resources include a resume review, mock interviews, and a career fair.
The first career planning resource that ASU offers is resume reviewing. An important job document, a resume is what future employers use to find prospective employees for a position, and it is the first impression employers will have of an employee, so therefore it is imperative to make a great first impression by having a great resume. ASU’s career services will review a student’s resume to ensure a he or she puts his or her best foot forward when applying for a position, or if a student does not have a résumé, they will help him or her develop a strong one. I have already…

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