Career Planning : A Career Path Up The Corporate Ladder, Communication, And Career

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Career Planning in Human Resources
“A career is the set of experiences and activities that people engage in related to their job and livelihood over the course of their working life” (Denisi, Griffin 2015). A person cannot have a career without planning what they want to do in life. Some steps a person may take in career planning areindividual assessment phase, developing a career path up the corporate ladder, communication, and career counseling.Through determination and a willingness to achieve, people can have a great career.
The purpose of career planning is to understand it from a career standpoint. Planning a person career is important in so many ways. It is what excites and motivates a person to want to do their job or what strikes an interest in a person. Career planning involves many steps but it’s what’s most important to the person (you).
Why individual assessment is important in career planning The individual assessment phase of career planning involves the analysis of self. “The individual skills people possess can be compared to what is currently available in an organization and what skills are needed to meet future organizational plans” (LaVan, Mathys 1983). When a person does an individual assessment of themselves they think of all the skills and goals they have, and what their abilities are. This can be a problem if a person does not know what skills they possess and capable of contributing to their company or organization. When a person enhances their…

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