Statement Of Purpose: A Career As A Social Worker

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The career paths of a nurse practitioner and a social worker from family and children are both one of hard work and great personal reward. As a nurse practitioner, I would be able to help people with their health issues. As a social worker I would mostly be helping out families and children with their psychological needs. If I were to keep following the path of a nurse practitioner I would be helping patients, taking their health information, helping doctors perform drug administrations, helping patients recover from their sickness and injuries, and just help people overall. As a social worker I would offer psychological help to families and children with their well being, offer advice to families who wish to adopt children, and in schools I would help children with their emotional and psychological …show more content…
Once I have my career, my financial issues would be easier to cope with, but I would still have to learn how to do a budget and cut down on frivolous spending in order to manage my finances better. For both careers, learning to control my emotions would have to be important. I know that I tend to over react quickly and that I can let my anger get the better of me. In both fields I’ll be dealing with people who are already emotionally upset and I would have to learn to ignore their words and actions and deal with them in a relaxed and controlled manner since I would have to put their needs before mine in each and every case. In the end, being a nurse practitioner or a social worker would be a career that I could enjoy. Both careers pay very well and both would allow me to help people. A nurse practitioner would help people with their health and physical issues and a social worker would help children and families with their emotional and psychological issues. Both careers are difficult, but rewarding in their own rights as I try to make the world a better

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