Career Options For A Job Essay example

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Are you outgoing, enthusiastic, committed, fun to be around? Do you enjoy working with others, getting others to feel comfortable in social situations, and getting them to work with you? Do you pay careful attention to details, to make sure a job is done right? If you fit this description, a hospitality and tourism degree might open the door to a new career you would find fulfilling and financially rewarding.

You Would Work With Interesting People

Those who succeed in this career field are people-driven. They look to hire people like themselves, those who are easy to talk to, outgoing, good-natured, and have excellent interpersonal skills. You would work with people who fit that description, and it is common for those in the field to have friendships outside of work with their co-workers. Coming to work is fun.

The Work is Interesting and Pays Well

The job itself is interesting and rewarding, both personally and financially. There are too many possibilities to list all the career options a degree would give you here, but you could travel the world as a cruise director, work as a hotel or restaurant manager, cruise line representative, hotel reservations agent, tour guide, taxi driver, chauffeur, travel clerk, corporate travel manager, or corporate event manager.

As an example of the pay, a corporate travel manager earns a median salary of $85,779, according to An event manager earns $74,229, a hotel manager $64,000, a food and beverage manager, $68,207, a…

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