Career Opportunities in Sports Management Essay

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Sports Revenue Management and Leadership|Assign # 11: Sports Management Career|

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Career Opportunities in Sports Management


This study was designed to explore the specific competencies essential for a career in sports management and promotion in campus, public, and recreation settings. Utilizing the means of the Competencies of Sport Managers device, the competencies of sport administrators and managers were represented by four factors, identified as Management
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Opportunities for employment in recreational sports management and promotion exist in a variety of settings, including professional sports, intercollegiate athletics, interscholastic athletics, and community recreation.
While jobs with professional sport franchises and major college athletic programs are appealing to sport management students, the realities of the job market indicate that the number of positions in these settings are limited (Hums & Goldsbury, 1998). According to a report issued by the United States Census Bureau referencing data collected in the 2000 census, approximately 245 million Americans participated in some type of recreational sport activity at least once in 1999 (U.S. Bureau of Census, 2002). This demand for participation has created enhanced employment opportunities for individuals interested in providing direct sport opportunities for a diverse array of participants (Mull, Bayless, Ross, & Jamieson, 1997). In order to offer students with the ability and tools essential to provide leisure sport programs, it is very important for both practitioners as well as leadership to describe the parameters of recreational sport management. Furthermore, it is important to develop a framework of competencies, knowledge areas, and skill sets that support the academic and professional development needs of students and practitioners in this

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