Essay on Career Opportunities For The Health Field

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When I was younger, my parents always encouraged me to be myself and to never give up. As I got older, they continued to tell me the same thing. Never once did I feel like my parents were pushing me to be a certain person or to want certain things. I was always allowed to express myself the way I wanted (blue hair in middle school) and explore career opportunities (fashion designer). Even now, they still encourage me to set goals and to work hard to achieve them. When I first started high school, I wanted to possibly go into teaching but I soon learned that teaching was not something I was interested in. At the end of my sophomore year I started to become interested in the health field. During my junior year I came up with many different career options including nurse, paramedic, neonatal surgeon, and pediatrician. By the beginning of senior year I was very undecided in what I wanted to do with my life. I had decided to take a sports medicine class that year, not knowing that that class would lead me to become interesting in Athletic Training. As the year progressed, I continued to be amazed by how amazed I was by Athletic Training. Even now at Bethel, I continue to be thrilled by the opportunities being in the Athletic Training program provides. With that being said, that brings me to my top academic goal; getting into the Athletic Training program. When I first began college, I was not very worried about getting in to the program but once I learned all the steps and…

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