Essay on Career Interview With Steve Dnistrian

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Career Interview with Steve Dnistrian Choosing a career path can be difficult and overwhelming. The issue that I have found among college students, including myself, is that not many actually know what kinds of jobs there are in the work field. In order to start to narrow my scope of perspective careers, my father has always encouraged me to do internships. He has said the best way to discover what I would like to do is to experience it first-hand. As a current junior in college, I have completed three summer internships touching on different aspects of communications. Because I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet, picking a subject to interview for this assignment was easy. My father, Steve Dnistrian, has been my mentor as I try to form my occupational path. He has been involved in all type of communications and public relations work. He was even asked to join the Arthur W. Page Society, a prestigious professional society comprised of top corporate communications officer, agency leaders and industry professionals, dedicated to enriching and strengthening their careers.
Currently, Steve is working as Chief Operating Officer for Enterprise Initiatives for the Diversified Agencies Services unit of Omnicom Group. Omnicom is a leading global marketing and corporate communications company. They own some of the world’s best known agencies that operate in advertising; media planning and buying; digital direct and promotional marketing; public relations; healthcare; branding;…

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