Career Goals : Colorado State University Essay

1351 Words Mar 29th, 2016 null Page
There comes a time for everyone in their life when they have to discover what they would like to do career wise with their life. Some individuals have a drive and passion for a specific career and there is no question what they would love to spend their life doing as a career. While others know that they have likes and dislikes but are not sure what direction their life will end up taking them career wise. Either way getting started in the career field you choose can be exciting while also being scary as it is a new adventure. Colorado State University has set up a “career center” that can be very beneficial and helpful to get someone started and on their way to a great career in their chosen field.
Career Center Colorado State University has established a career center website that has many tools to help get you started on your career and finding your career. The tools they offer are, searching for a job, this helps you discover which job and career are right for you and where you will fit best. They also offer applications, resumes, and cover letters, when applying for a job you will need to stand out with what is put on your application and resume that you build. Next is interviewing for jobs which can be very intimidating to many people but the job interview is critical and will give you the extra push to be hired or the negative push for them to decide to hire someone else. The career center also gives helpful tips on being the best employee that you can be.…

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