Career Goals And Future Aspirations Essay

791 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
There are lots of career goals and future aspirations in my life. The types that I have chosen are business, auto shop, manlier, kids; live in Toronto Downtown and lots of money. I have learned lots of stuff from auto shops and business class like that you need a high school auto shop credit, College degrees, an auto license, College English and College math and good mark. This is the things that you need to start your own business., I would like to go to College that is good for this program like auto and business. When I am 28 years old I will like to open my own business like Auto shop to fix car and truck and that he 's my dream of the world. I would like to get manlier and have two kids like one boy and one girl and with a nice job and have lots of money. The names that I would like to have on my children 's are Michael and Sherry. There are the things that I have learned for career goals and future aspirations. There are lots of skills that I need to improve my life. The types of skills that I need to choose are dealing with clients in the workplace, wheeling and dealing with people, school work or teacher, organizational sometimes, teamwork and helping more people. They are the thing that I need to improve with the more in my life. The more skill that I struggle on is dealing with clients in the workplace because I do not like to get mad at people or screaming at people. Dealing with clients is that skill that I would love to work on in my life. This year I…

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