Career Exploration Of A Career In Civil Engineering

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Career Exploration Paper
1.-The career that I 'm planning to study is Civil Engineering. Normally, the duty that have all the Engineers from this career consist in improve the environment where we live. For example, their principal jobs are design and oversee new constructions and also keep old buildings working correctly like Airports, Railroads, Roads, and all the facilities of a city. Without forgetting that they have the ambition of create tall buildings and big structures that can be capable to last a long time. Also, some activities of civil engineers can be managing new projects, make sure that all new buildings have the requirements to be functional, solving problems during the construction of a building. 2.-Now, my personality that match in this career is
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Sometimes, the plans don’t go like you expected, and that’s why is important to be able of make a right choice that can help to solve de situation. And an important skill have to be that all engineers must be organize with their work all the time. If you want to be an efficient engineer, you must have a list or plan of how you will work in the project or a least a plan meticulously planned for all your team. So in conclusion, these are some of skills that civil engineers must have. Next, unfortunately I 'm the only one on my family that is trying to be a civil engineer, so I have to learn everything about this career by myself. Finally, with this investigation about the career that I’m planning to study at Lone Star College give me a value information that I can use in the future. For example, now I can make a choice like where will be the best option to get a job like Texas with a great salary or Alaska. Of course, I actually found a lot of facts that will give me a difficult challenge in the future like the disadvantage that engineers have and all the stress that I have to beat, but I’m more interest in this career now that I know what are the areas where civil engineers

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