Career Essay: The Hard Work As A Lawyer

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The Hard Work a Lawyer

“Being a lawyer is a craft that takes time and patience. It is hard to become proficient at”, (Oxford, Interview) While reflecting on this quote from Smith, I have decided that I would enjoy being a lawyer. This profession was created to protect citizen’s rights since ancient Greece and Rome times. This job was dated long ago when schools were built for young boys to learn many skills in pleading law cases. During the time of English colonies, who were educated to teach the English common law to the foreigners (Exploring, p1). Through the many practices that have occurred I past when law began, being a lawyer has gotten better in modern age through the law field. However before I decide to become a lawyer, I must
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Before entering into this profession much education is required. High school courses including English, history, economics, social sciences, logic and public speaking. After high school, a degree in pre law from a four year college is required. Then training will mostly take place in law school and will require four years of an undergraduate degree. (Exploring, p4) At the end of law school, every year there is a state bar exam, passing this test is required to become a licensed lawyer. The majority of students trying to work in this field must take the test after their junior year in college. Another similar test that is also a requirement is the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) this test has similarity as the regular SAT or ACT for college admission. Depending on how the test went and the grade point average that was required, the test will be judged based off the score that was supposed to be required. (Careers, p10)

Now I will discuss the salary, benefits and advancements one may expect if they choose this career. Most inexperienced lawyers have an average pay of $500,000 dollars to $800,000 alone working in a specific cases such as civil law. This is mostly
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Experienced lawyer can have an estimate of $75,000 starting with a first year annual, working in a criminal case which also included bonuses. A bonus would include sick leave, a raise, or any medical purpose to leave the office. Most professional lawyer has an earning minimum of $50,000 to $125,000 in a fifth annual year. The median annual wage for all lawyers is $113,530 or more which is all dependent on hours spent on the job. Finding a job like this has very few opportunities in trying advance in job placement. Usually a small number of experienced lawyers are elected or nominated to a higher position. They may become full time, and work on their own for further experiences. A similar occupation to a lawyer would be a paralegal. A paralegal is a person who works with a lawyer, but he or she is an assistant. Their salary is not a lot like a lawyer but is at least $39,000 of more working full time. (Careers, p11)

Finally, I will discuss the working conditions of a lawyer. The majority of lawyers’ work in either private firm or wants to go solo, and locations are usually large areas of business. In this field competiveness and having a better education can be intimidating to some who are just coming in working for this job. An example would that someone seeing an employee getting this amount and another employee getting not as much as another because he has a better education or had more

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