Career Paper: A Career As A Pharmacist

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Career Paper – Pharmacist One of the biggest decisions in life is quite simple, yet probably the hardest choice one will ever make, who they want to be when they grow up. Throughout high school everyone is given their choices and every bit of information one could possibly need about future careers, however when it comes time to decide who they are going to be, for some the choice is impossible. I have always wanted to get into the medical field; though I did not want to deal with unhealthy patients hands-on. Taking chemistry and enjoying it very much brought me to the idea of being a Pharmacist. A Pharmacist is most often someone with a Doctorate degree, and is someone who’s main job is to administer the prescription given by a doctor to …show more content…
According to MCIS, some helpful high school courses I;2nclude classes such as Anatomy, Physiology, Computer Applications, Health Education, Intro to Health Care, and Keyboarding. Post high school, a student pursuing a Pharmacist degree is required to complete two years of pre-pharmacy courses. In most cases, students will enter a pharmacy program after approximately three years of general college, which will include the pre-pharmacy courses. These first three years should include courses such as math, chemistry, biology, physics, humanities, and social sciences. Many schools offer a pharmacy program; the University of Minnesota has one of the most prestigious, called Pharm.D. Professional Program. For most schools, the average acceptance rate for a Pharm.D. Professional Program is 50%. In a few cases, a student will receive a Bachelor’s degree, however in most cases; a student will receive a Doctoral Degree. After finishing a pharmacy program, one must complete an internship under a licensed Pharmacist. The last stop in becoming a Pharmacist is completing and passing the board exam, however one must meet the following requirements; 18 years of age, good moral character, graduate of a pharmacy program, complete 1,600 hours of …show more content…
Meaning, they work a shift from a certain time to a certain time, on the same days every week. A pharmacist may work part time or full time. The majority of Pharmacists work about 40 hours a week, however those who are self-employed may work closer to 50 hours a week. Certain pharmacies are most often open on evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays, meaning they will also need pharmacists to work at these times as well. Traveling is fairly rare in the field of pharmaceuticals, and when it is necessary, it is usually not far. The most common places to travel as a pharmacist would be places such as surrounding nursing homes, medical facilities, hospice homes, clinics, and

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