Career Episode of Electrical Engineer Essay

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Career Episode


In my first career episode I describe my last projects with Uhde ThyssenKrupp. I have been working with Uhde since November 18, 2006 until March 12, 2008. There are two distinct periods: one in Saudi Arabia where I've worked as Process Engineer - Commissioning

Supervisor for Safco 4 Project (period of November 18, 2006 - June 15, 2007) and the second period as Process Engineer - Consultant in Head Quarter office, Dortmund - Germany (period of August 7, 2007 - March 12, 2008).

Saudi Arabia SAFCO 4 Project (SABIC Company) Jubail City.

As Commissioning Supervisor for Ammonia Plant in SAFCO 4 I was responsible for plant preparation for "Sustaining Load Test" and "Performance Test" of 3300 mtpd of the

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The syngas drying unit's central piece was the two dryers filled up with Most probably during precommissioning, commissioning Due to this fact, when the

molecular sieves working in parallel.

period, the molecular sieve from one dryer was contaminated. contaminated dryer was in service, traces of water escaped, synthesis column.

and affected the reaction in the

My idea was to increase the regeneration time sequence for defect dryer

working only on the logic sequence. Together with the software DCS engineer I completed this

job. This way, the client Safco didn't have to shut down the plant and Uhde didn't have to pay for a new molecular sieve. During the normal operation of Ammonia unit in Safco 4 I faced multiple pressure

variations in steam system distributions. Carrying over often appeared and the level in the steam drum could not be maintained. I made a series of investigations regarding the real level in the steam drum. I suspected from the beginning either an instrument calibration mistake, or an

indication error at the water level indicators in steam drum. Instrumentation department checked many times the calibration in the field, but still the problem persisted. I decided, in common agreement with Commissioning Manager, to isolate all trip

transmitters, to by-pass them, and to purge for flushing. The decision was made based on my observations that the water level in the level

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