Career Development : Lifetime Employability Essay

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Career Development: Lifetime Employability
At the ripe old age of nine, I started my very first job babysitting my neighbor’s three children. While this may not seem like a real job, by the time I was ten, I was babysitting three days after school, most Friday nights and usually at least one weekend day. My cliental, after school was actually six children ranging from 1-6 years old. Soon I found myself having to recruit my friend to help me, for a cut of my pay, in order to take the kids to the park! While babysitting is where I started, I have worked the last 34 years since in different careers, covering child care, retail, waitressing, bartending, alternative medicine and biotechnology. Throughout my career a couple themes have consistently come through as feedback; hardworking, dedicated, outgoing and a team oriented person. I will do whatever the job takes and drive until completion. While I thought this was very admirable, this has also held me back, I stopped focusing on professional development from the perspective of continuous education.
Professional life
Through the course of my career I have learned to be proactive, seek out opportunity, always demonstrate high levels of integrity and appreciate others perspectives and experiences. Part of the journey of life is our career and what we learn along the way. From babysitting through my professional career within biotechnology, one constant carries through; I have always worked in a venue heavily reliant on others…

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