Essay on Career Development Day

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With the merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, merged company has got a new outlook and position in industrial cleaning service industry. For remaining competitive in the industry, the InterClean is required to bring out a new strategic plan and alteration of its focus. Now, the company will not only sell cleaning products but it will also offer full- service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry.
For managing this change in its focus, it necessitates changes in job assignments and as well as in job descriptions. For managing these changes, here a development plan will be made that will cover the aspects like completion of job analysis, outlining workforce planning system and selection of new
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• Offering comprehensive solutions to the clients.
• Applying industry specific and job concerned technology to stay effective.
• Follow industry leads to optimum extent so that determined sales goals can be obtained.
• Establish and continue client relationships by delivering quality service from preliminary point of contact to the delivery and further than.
• Effectively handle engagements, agendas and time through appropriate planning and implementation.
• Maintain prearranged, informed records on sales goals and accomplishments as well as other relevant records related with company products and services.
• Management of sales and marketing reports.
• Acquire and keep up an inclusive profile of top competitors and their procedures admitting products, services and prices.
• Exhibit attributes vital to success like effective communication and listening skills, critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, appropriateness, innovation and leadership qualities (Bratton & Gold, 2001).
Workforce Planning System
Workforce planning is a planning and analytical procedure to assess and evaluate the current workforce with the future workforce. With the application of workforce planning system, InterClean, Inc. will be able to attain knowledge about the best policies and go-ahead as necessitated to perk up its overall human resources system. The

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