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ENGL 227 Formal Report Instruction

In this assignment, students will work independently to write a short formal report that analyzes a situation and provides recommendations. This course project will satisfy TCOs 4, 6 and 8.

In this assignment, students will analyze two possible career choices, and then write a formal analytical report effectively presenting a recommendation to pursue one of the careers. This project has two parts: * Part one, the Table of Contents and Introductory Section, is due at the end of week 6. * Part two, the report in its entirety, is due at the end of week 8. * Students are encouraged to begin work on this project no later than week 5, reading the project directions, reading
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* Use formal report formatting. * Be free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Part Two (Due Week 8) Formal Report in Full
In week 6, you planned the formal report and wrote the TOC and introduction. In week 8, you will complete the formal report. (You may need to revise the TOC and Introduction, based on the feedback you receive from your instructor.)
In week 8, your assignment should contain the following: * Be formatted as a formal report, following the guidelines formal reports in the text (including the guidelines for headings and subheadings found on pages 435-448); * Include appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts (The formal report should contain appropriate prefatory, text, and supplemental parts, including the following: a cover and/or title page; a letter of transmittal; a table of contents; the four-part Introductory Section from week 6; appropriately labeled body sections; and appendices, such as the client interview and list of references. Your report does not need to contain all of these parts, but should contain most of them.); * Fully answer the question posed in the case from the text, considering all of the background information provided and fulfilling the purpose outlined in the case. The word count for the intro, body, and conclusion should be

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