Essay on Career Choice Of Becoming A Registered Nurse

1140 Words Feb 26th, 2016 null Page
Registered Nurse Ever since I could remember I have loved working with people. I’ve always been told that I have a compassionate heart and personality. That is, a character trait that is essential to be successful in the medical field. While I know any type of medical career requires a substantial amount of focus and hard work, I also know what I will get to encounter in this career will be very rewarding. Through MS Choices, a book, and personal interviews, I have discovered lots of interesting and beneficial information that can help while pursuing my career choice of becoming a Registered Nurse. The first thing I researched was what a person in this career does. In this field of work the Registered Nurse is assigned patients daily, with that comes other compact job. Every couple hours the Registered Nurse goes and records important information like vital signs also giving medication at their scheduled times. After giving medication they have to monitor the symptoms or changes in the patients’ conditions. Another thing to consider is the working conditions. One of the largest tasks they do daily is lifting items from boxes to patients and sometimes heavy equipment or tools. Working in this occupation involves bending or twisting the body more than one-third of the time, because of that it is necessary to make sure a nurse is in good condition to lift and move the way they are required to. One last factor would be the exposure of diseases and infections. When working…

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