Career As A Physician Assistant Essay

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A Career in Physician Assistant Physician Assistants , also recognized as PA’s , are similar to physicians or surgeons who supervise them in the practice of medicine . They are provide treatment , examine patients, diagnose illnesses and injuries, order and carry-out patients, prescribe medication, record progress,take medical histories, and assist with any other task that a physician does. This careers has a lot to do with medicine and that field consist of hospitals, emergency clinics, and pediatric clinics. This career really interested me when I found out that being a physician assistant also included working with children , there’s a small branch that includes working in a pediatric office and I am really interested in that. This paper will focus on the history , requirements, duties, and job outlook of physician assistant.
History Of Physician Assistant Profession The importance of this career is that it assists physicians, being a physician assistant functions more like doctors , taking patient histories, diagnostics test, all monitored by a medical doctor. This career is needed for the health improvement of the United States, the percentage of sickness should always stay low. People in the United States usually have the opportunity to check up on any disease they might catch versus someone in Africa who may not have the resources to do so. Therefore, being a physician assistant is important here in the United States is essential . The origin of this career…

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