Career As A Mechanical Engineer Essay example

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Growing up, from elementary school to present day, I have always wanted to become an engineer. Ten years ago, on Christmas Day my family and I were all sitting around the Christmas tree. Laughter was in the air as each family member one by one opened their colorfully wrapped gift. It was my turn and as I lifted up the box there was a rattle inside. In that very moment, the gift was a secret no more. I tore through the wrapping paper as everyone quietly admired my young smile. There it was my very first Lego set. My eyes immediately fell in love as I glared upon its endless bounds of creativity that waited to be opened. I took off to my room and ripped opened the box and in no time the first creation was under way. From that day forward, I became mesmerized in creating and designing new objects which have led me to seek a career as a Mechanical Engineer.
Through this career project, I wanted to find out what it would be like to work as a Mechanical Engineer, what education and training I would need to obtain to pursue this path, and whether or not this is the right career path for me. Specifically, I wanted to find out: What is the typical work day of a Mechanical Engineer? What specific skills are called for in this field? How much do Mechanical Engineers get paid? What are the best places to obtain the required education or training for Mechanical Engineering? What are the rewards and drawbacks of being a Mechanical Engineer? What is the job outlook for this career in the…

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