Career And Technical Education ( Cte ) Essay

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Recent research on the process of Career and Technical Education (CTE) has shown that it can provided significant benefits to students with disabilities. Career and Technical Education teachers needs to be educated on the rights of students with disabilities and the process involved in the accomplishments of their needs. In addition, teachers also must be instructed on the role they will play in both the planning and the instruction they will be providing to the students. Teachers must be provided the background information on the details of the accommodations and the disability the students possess.
BENEFITS OF CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION The studies on secondary CTE programs show that students with disabilities are less likely to drop out of school and are more likely to be employed, to work in competitive paying jobs, and have a full time job after high school (Cobb et al. 1999; Colley and Jamison 1998). Furthermore, it shows the CTE that included simulated work experience in a classroom environment does not provide an optimal employment outcome. Students with disabilities who perform a paid or unpaid work experiences during high school are provided with better employment outcomes, higher incomes, more hours, and more continuous employment. In addition, students that are mainstreamed into regular Career and Technical Education or academic classrooms are more likely to obtain competitive employment and have more confident to keep their jobs. Recent Qualitative…

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