Career And College Research Paper

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Career and College Research Paper A pretty, big, bubblegum pink dress is what I was wearing as I envisioned myself growing up to be a princess like the ones in the famous fairy tales. However, growing older and more mature, I discovered a huge interest in science and helping others, leading me to choose to become an epidemiologist. An epidemiologist is a “health professional who investigates patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans” (“Summary”). To accomplish my dream of attending the University of Notre Dame to get a master’s degree in epidemiology, I have to research the education or training requirements, consider the salary and benefits offered, and make plans for achieving my career and personal goals. Epidemiologists can work all across the United States or in other world wide health facilities. Most work tends to be in California, Texas, or along the Eastern coast states in the U.S. Their work environment consists of working in “offices, laboratories, hospitals, colleges or universities, or usually at health departments for state and local governments” (“Summary”). They normally work full-time and have a standard work schedule; however, “occasionally, epidemiologists may have to work long or irregular hours in order to complete fieldwork or tend to duties during public health emergencies” (“Summary”). For research, they can travel to developing countries, which personally I prefer since I have always wanted to travel. “Epidemiologists who work for state…

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