Pursuing A Career

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When I was a child, I was told that when people grow older they have to pick one particular profession and stick with it for the rest of their lives. Also, that it was impossible to have more than one profession in your lifetime. These ideas seemed very flawed to me, and from thereon began my journey to defy the impossible. That was the time period when I realised that I wanted a career in which I could be able to experience various types of professions. A career in which I will be able to become different types of people and be able to portray their emotions myself. Thus, my chosen career is to become an actor. I have always been fascinated to live a life created by a story. Moreover, it always excites me to be able to express what I feel or rather convey it to other people by making them laugh, cry and always keeping them on the edge of their seats. I am passionate to depict my life as a work of art via mediums like acting, public speaking, dance and music. I want to be an actor because I want to provide an immense amount of entertainment for people across the globe, also leading by example and inspiring people that everyone is capable of living the life they 've …show more content…
It gives me the opportunity to travel the world, makes me a recognizable face and allows me to connect will millions of people across the globe. Following your passion and dreams is the most important thing in life and being an actor allows me to do that. I want to make my life as a work of art and this career will act as a medium for me in making me an artist. I will be able to make people laugh, cry and provide them the best possible entertainment I can. I will also get to play various characters and live through and experience various types of professions as an actor. Most importantly, I will be able to act as an inspiration to many young actors and hopefully seeing me they will also take their first step towards following their

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