Care Of A Person With Autism Essay

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It is really difficult to take care of a person with autism. During our class we were lucky enough to have these two parents share their experience about their son named Marcus who was diagnosed in the spectrum for Autism. The mothers name was Sadie and the fathers name was Rodie I believe. Some of the potential difficulties of having a child with autism are because they have trouble with communication and socialization. Another reason that can be considered a potential difficulty is that they have restricted and repetitive behavior. a child with autism can show a lack of seeking to share enjoyment, interest, or achievements with other people. They also lack in identifying and responding appropriately to other’s emotional States. For example, they might not be able to comfort a person who is crying. Secondly, a child with autism might have a delay or total lack of the development of spoken language so this can cause difficultly for communication between the parents and the child. Lastly, Children with autism have a preoccupation with one or more restricted pattern of interest, abnormal in intensity or focus. An example for this can be food preference. Marcus’ parents mentioned how he would only eat a few foods and that they had trouble trying to get him too try new foods. I found it interesting how the dad mentioned that Marcus would eat a sandwich. Marcus wouldn’t eat the sandwich as a whole. His dad explained that he would eat what was inside first like the turkey, then…

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