Cardiac Essay

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Cardiovascular Paper:
R.G.’s Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Paper:
R.G’s Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease In almost every year since 1900, cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death in the United States. Nearly 2300 Americans die of CVD each day, and average of one death every 38 seconds. This disease kills more people than the next four causes of death combined, including cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, accidents and diabetes. Of particular concern is that CVD is the leading cause of death for women (Ignatavicius and Workman, 2013).
Risk Factors
According to, Huether and McCance
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As a result, blood pressure increases, as do cardiac workload, HDL’s, and generation of toxic oxygen radicals will contribute to vessel inflammation and thrombosis. Three to four years after a patient has stopped smoking, his or her CVD risk appears to be similar to that of a person who has never smoked.
Obesity is defined as a BMI greater than 30 (ignatavicius and Workman, 2013), and R.G. has a BMI of 56.51. Obesity is also associated with hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes; all known factors to CVD and better known as metabolic syndrome. Abdominal obesity has the strongest link with increased CAD and is related to inflammation, insulin resistance, decreased HDL level, increased blood pressure, and fewer changes I hormones. R.G. carries most of her extra weight throughout her abdomen so this poses as a major risk for her to CVD.
Sedentary Lifestyle A sedentary lifestyle not only increases the risk of obesity but also has an independent effect on increasing CAD risk. Regular physical activity promotes cardiovascular fitness and produces beneficial changes in blood pressure and levels of blood lipids and clotting factors (Ignatavicius and Workman, 2013). R.G. explained that she use to walk every morning with some friends and recently stopped doing

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