Carburization Report Essays

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Group #14
Carburization and Decarburization
Lab #2 Report ME3040 Engineering Materials
Writer: Andrew Kissner
Analyst: Kurt Bowie
Technicians: Blake McShane and Ben Kinzel

Objective: The influence of carburization and decarburization on material properties is examined.
Materials Needed: Carburized sample of 1080, fully annealed sample of 1090.
Equipment Required: Vickers Microhardness Tester.
Procedure: The primary steps used in this procedure include the following: 1. The viewer on the Microhardness Tester is used to make a visual measure of the carburized/decarburized layer in each sample. 2. Microhardness tests are conducted on each sample at 0.1mm intervals from the outer edge for 1.0mm, and then at 0.5mm intervals
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Experimental Results: Having performed the experiment, it is vital that we begin to analyze the results, and then compare them to the expected values that were determined. It is also extremely important that the data be compared to the expected values that were previously stated in the theoretical results portion of the report. These expected values explained that the visual layer should have a depth of 170μm, and the hardness value signaling the end of the useful life should be 228μm. Throughout the process of the experiment the depth of the visual layer was that of 160μm, and the hardness value of the useful life was 225μm. One can gather this information from the graphs displayed in the appendix section beginning on page 4 of the lab report.
Continuing on, when looking at the graph of the theoretical data, it was noted that the distance and hardness for the carburized sample had an inversely proportional relationship, whereas the decarburized sample had a proportional relationship. The experimental graphs, located in the appendix, confirm the same relationships in terms of distance and hardness. As previously stated, it is mandatory to not only discuss the results of an experiment, but furthermore discuss the accuracy of them. In this particular experiment, the expected value will lie within two standard deviations of the experimental value to assure accuracy. For the carburized sample, the results from

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