Essay about Carbonated Beverages And Its Effects

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Carbonated beverages are drinks that include carbon dioxide dissolved in the water. Carbon dioxide is a compound made of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. When beverages have dissolved carbon dioxide, that makes them artificial. The beverages carbonated for many reasons. Some people like it for the fizzy sensations that it gives. Carbonated drinks were once thought to be a health tonic . So  It gave them upset stomachs. Carbonated drinks can be used for other things besides drinking, and carbonated drinks made previous health issues which can contribute to the drinks people like the most. Other things carbonated beverages can be used for is some around the house life hacks . One thing you can use it for is if you get gum stuck on the floor or on your ground outside . You can pour the beverage all over the stuck piece of gum and wait for about a minute until it dries . Then you will be able to easily peel the gum up without a hassle . You also can use carbonated beverages to keep plants living long as possible . All you have to do Is take the water you have and mix it with some of the soda and your plants will live longer . This is because the carbon dioxide in the drinks go inside the plant and helps it stay alive . Another use you can do with the beverages is to remove spots or scratches you have on your car . All you will need to do is pour some of the drink on the spot , then wipe it away . But make sure you pour water after you are done , so it won 't be sticky and…

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