Carbon Tax And The Global Warming Essay

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Carbon tax has been imposed in many jurisdictions around world. It is one of the initiatives to stop the menace of global warming. This global warming, which has slowly raised the earth 's temperature somewhere between one and two degrees over the past one hundred years, may have dire effects. As a result of higher temperatures, the ocean levels will rise, global weather patterns will be permanently altered, and ecosystems around the world will be greatly affected. Sweden 's Carbon Tax is one of the only a few examples of such a taxation scheme in actual use. Sweden 's energy taxes were already some of the highest in Europe. For example, gasoline taxes comprised 68.5% of the price of gasoline. Yet, the government had no desire to lower the overall taxation level .When designing the new tax system; officials recognized two distinct classes of energy users: industry and consumers. Both of these user classes were considered unique in the ways in which they used fossil fuels and in their reaction to increased environmental regulation and taxation. As a result, these two groups were given separate provisions within the new tax regime. It was noted that a large percentage of fossil fuels consumed by consumers were used for home heating and transportation. Since the imposition of the carbon tax ten years ago, carbon emissions in Sweden have been further reduced. Between the years 1987 and 1994 carbon emissions decreased between 6 and 8 million metric tons, a 13% decrease in…

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