Carbon Is The Building Blocks Of Our World Essay

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De-carbonise the Economy
Carbon is the building blocks of our world, found in plants, animals, the ocean, the atmosphere and the earth’s crust. When plants and animals die they decompose into the earth and turn into coal, which we then dig up and burn. As the coal burns it boils water, which turns the turbine and energy is created. This is how the majority of all factories work because for so long it has been the only way. Over the past 2 centuries humans have increased the atmospheric level of carbon by 30% as they cut down forests and burn trees in an attempt to become more industrialised and create more power (Our Universe Visualised, 2009). As more greenhouse gases, like carbon, are used they join the gases in the atmosphere surrounding the earth, designed to keep heat in (Nova, 2015). As more and more gases join, it gets thicker, keeping more and more heat in (Carbon Control, 2013). We are also dependent carbon-based fuels, however they will eventually run out. There is a limited amount of fossil-fuels available, so an alternative must be found (Environmental and Energy Study Institute, n.d.).
There are many ways to reduce the carbon released into the atmosphere, one of which is nuclear power. Nuclear power does not create any greenhouse gases as heat is created through fission, no fossil fuels needed. This heat boils water to create steam, which turns the turbines and energy is created (Duke Energy Corporation, n.d.). If nuclear power was used more it would greatly…

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