Carbon Emissions And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Between 2004-2014, carbon dioxide emissions increased at a shocking average rate of 2.5% annually.1 These carbon emissions come from a variety of sources such as homes, food production, and vehicle exhaust.2 The excess carbon in the atmosphere not only contributes to the greenhouse gas effect causing global temperatures to rise, but also has destructive effects on the environment such as extreme droughts, lowered biodiversity, and food source instability.3,4 In 2009, world leaders met in Copenhagen, Denmark to sign the Copenhagen Accord, stating that the yearly global temperature increase will be limited to two degrees Celsius.5 The possibility of maintaining the global temperature increase becomes less feasible as carbon emissions continue to skyrocket. In addition, carbon dioxide absorption levels are significantly lower than carbon emission levels.6 When plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen through photosynthesis, some of the carbon dioxide is sequestered by the plant’s root systems and is stored in the soil. Through the manipulation of plant roots, the amount of carbon sequestered by plants will increase. Plants have the potential to absorb 15% of the carbon emitted from burning fossil fuels annually through the carbon sequestration mechanism.7 Plants with elongated root systems are more adept at storing carbon in the soil, where it can be stored for millennia.8,9 This process will mitigate or offset global warming effects with the possibility of…

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