Carbon Emissions And Its Effect On The Environment Essay examples

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Most times, when Californians drive through the freeways around Downtown LA, instead of seeing the clear blue sky, dark gray masses of CO2 emissions fill the air. From the time of the Industrial revolution till now, the levels of pollution in the world, including California has been dramatically rising. The main cause of this pollution is due to the effects of the people. “87 percent of all human-produced carbon dioxide emissions come from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil” (Le Quéré, C.) More than half of the pollution comes from CO2 emissions from transportation of vehicles. While implementing carbon taxes in California could be expensive and unappealing to consumers, hard to implement, and will make costs of goods increase, it 's a necessary action to take because it will change the environment for the better by reducing the amount of carbon emissions from vehicles, improve air quality and public health, and promote a search for alternative green methods.

Those in opposition to the idea of having carbon taxes may argue that it is very expensive to consumers, will be difficult to implement, and will only make the costs of goods increase. The first argument that may arise from carbon taxing is that it will only burden the poor into paying more taxes. “At the maximum rate of $100 a ton, drivers would pay 88 cents per gallon of gasoline in carbon dioxide taxes”(Tracy). Californians generally don’t enjoy paying taxes, and an addition of…

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