Essay about Carbon Dioxide And Its Effects On Global Warming

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Trees naturally sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and thus decrease global warming and its repercussions. Carbon dioxide is an essential component of the Calvin Cycle for the production of glucose, which is the primary energy source for plants as well as many herbivorous and carnivorous consumers. With the rapid increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from anthropogenic activity since the Industrial Revolution, scientist suspect that carbon dioxide fertilization will amplify photosynthesis and, therefore, sequester more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to the terrestrial carbon sink in the form of trees (Bonan 2008).2 Forests are a major terrestrial carbon sink and contain approximately 45% of terrestrial carbon (Bonan 2008).2 Since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that absorbs infrared radiation and, therefore, contributes to the increase in global temperatures, the reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels minimizes global warming (Bonan 2008).2 Retention of carbon in the terrestrial sink also decreases the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the ocean (NOAA 2015).10 This reduction of dissolved carbon dioxide in the ocean minimizes the effects of ocean acidification that causes the calcium carbonate in shells and reefs to dissolve (NOAA 2015).10 Forests decrease atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and, therefore, lessens global warming and ocean acidification, however, deforestation and combustion of fossil…

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