Carbon Dioxide And Its Effect On Our Environment Essay

1098 Words Jan 7th, 2016 null Page
Carbon dioxide play important role and is one of the most efficient greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Carbon footprint is really important and it help us to balance with The Nature Conservancy. This footprint can support the fund forest conservation, develop the forest organization or the reforestation assignments that give significant help to the atmosphere. In this assignment, it will support to decrease or slow the worst consequences of climate change, defend and restore wildlife habitat and the natural facilities they offer. Carbon Footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide a human can produce while performing daily basis things such as housing our family, traveling, eating, recycling and waste. The amount of carbon dioxide we emit in green house can directly effect on our climate change. Whatever we human do in daily basis life that can influence our carbon footprint calculator. Caron footprint calculator also contains other gases such as nitrous oxide and methane into the calculation and record them in consistent counts which named as “tons of carbon dioxide equivalence”. Carbon footprint help us and our future generation to have secure climate in future. It also help to

Water footprint is measurement of fresh water use by human being which is consume and/or pollute water in quantity. Water footprint measure amount of water we uses in our daily life for our goods and services that we use. Water footprint also give us information about how much…

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