Car 's Are Superior For Women? Essay

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Car’s are Superior to Women?
In today’s society there are two main ways car companies typically try to sell cars, sex appeal and safe appeal. In ads produced by Hyundai and Rolls Royce they both try to sell viewers on a newer, nicer car, however their sales tactics are different. The advertisement by Hyundai sells the car by showing its safety features, while Rolls Royce sells the car by conveying a fantasy their product is linked to. In the end however both use women in their ads. Hyundai uses women as a distraction while Rolls Royce uses them as a selling point, but in the end both depict women in a negative light. In the Hyundai commercial it shows a young boy as he ages constantly being rescued by his dad before he accidentally hurts himself. The ad then fast forwards to the boy behind the wheel of a car with his dad riding shot gun. The boy spots an attractive girl on the street and is suddenly distracted, little does he know there is a car stopped ahead. Right before the viewer thinks he’s going to crash, the car then starts to beep and comes to an abrupt halt. The dad glares at the boy as he says “sorry”. Then a voice over comes on and says “remember when dad was the only one who could save the day?” This appeals to viewer’s emotions because every parent wants to be there for their child, as displayed in the early years of the boy’s life, but Hyundai wants viewers to know that when their child gets behind the wheel of their car they will not have to worry about that…

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