Car Questionnaire Essay

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With the development of technology, the living standard is getting better so that people look forward to owning better consumer goods, for example, car. The price range of car is widely for the purpose of suiting for people in different social hierarchies, but they would like to purchase luxury cars as a symbol of social status. Taking Jack, one of my friends as a notable example, he started to take a loan to purchase a car when he get promoted because he thinks he is not the person who only takes buses or trains every day, upgrade cars deserve him now. Then, he was not satisfied of his first car and expect to buy more expensive cars. It took him a quite long time before he saved enough money, he refused social activities, less communication between colleagues and uncountable works made him breathless. Finally, he got what he wants, however, he was not that happy because it makes people isolate him instead of admiring. I am wondering why he wants to purchase so many cars? Why do not save money to do something special? Why makes himself so painful just for such personal and social perception? Overall, what kinds of factors influence Jack
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In the questionnaire, I mainly pay more attention to students but a few non-student, to ask them what they feel about the purchase of car involving what can the purchase of car bring to their daily life. It can analyze what drive them to buy cars. In term of interview, I will look for a individual who will buy a car and a person who have already owned a car. To try to find out what they think about the purchase of car such as the feeling before and after purchasing the cars, giving several brand-name car images to them and allow they to pick which one they want the most. Eventually, I will collect all information I have received and give a

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