Car Engine Paragraph

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Engines are one of the main parts on a car, No car can work without an engine. There are two different types of car engines one is gas turbine and the other is diesel engines. There is also an external combustion engine for example a steam boat or train. For internal combustion engines if you put a high energy gas in a small, enclosed space and ignite it, it will have an incredible amount of energy released.

The first step is the piston will start at the top then the intake valve will open and the piston will move down to let the engine take in a cylinder that is filled with air and gas. This is an intake stroke; you only need a very small drop of gas to be mixed in to the air for this to work. The second step is the piston will then move
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Another main engine part is a spark plug and that supplies the spark that will ignite the fuel/air mixture so that the combustion can occur. But the spark has to happen perfect timing for it to work properly. Then there are valves and the intake and exhaust valves must open at the right time to let the fuel and air in to let the exhaust out. Then the piston is a cylindrical piece of metal that will move up and down inside of the cylinder. Also the piston rings will provide a sliding seal for between the inner and outer edge of the cylinder and piston. These rings are needed for two reasons to prevent the air and fuel mixture and exhaust in the combustion chamber from leaking in the sump during combustion and compression. To keep oil in the sump from leaking you need piston rings. Another part is a connecting rod that connects the piston to the crankshaft; it will then rotate at both ends so the angle can change. Then the crankshaft will turn the piston up and down. Last but not least there is a sump that surrounds the crankshaft that contains some oil that goes to the bottom of the

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