Car Dealership Case Study: Retailing At Car Dealership

Retailing At Car Dealership
Alejandra Genao
Lehigh Carbon Community College Prof. Pamela Weldom

The car dealership industry has continually evolved over years in a great manner in such a way that is now seen as a different industry when compared to how operations were thirty or forty years ago. Like other businesses, car retailing dealership ought to have proper planning with clearly set objectives for easy operations. The car dealer has to put the buyer’s interests first in order to deliver what the customer needs. He also should maintain a good relationship with his supplier so that he does not run out of stock. The location of the entity is vital in that it should be
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Due to the changing and difficult economic times characterized by inability to clear one’s problems in one financial strike, everyone is striving to supplement their income as much as possible by doing not what will take much of their time but rather something they actually like. As a result of this many people have resulted to retail car dealership operating on a simple principle “buy low sell high”. In this case the dealer will aim at buying a car as cheaply as possible and then selling it for the highest amount possible and not simply buying a car because he loves it hoping to pass it on to someone else. Many dealers in the current world are using internet and e-commerce to conduct business. This gives a potential buyer the opportunity to obtain some relevant background information from the dealer’s …show more content…
Most dealers are now providing a variety of car models to consumers whose demand has increased massively in the past few years. (Hensley, D. 2005 p67). Most buyers are falling in love with cars and dealers have to ensure that they meet this high demand by having various models available at the disposal of the potential buyers. They also have to ensure that their websites are updated regularly with information on different new models of cars for easy availability by the buyers who are ever ready to purchase any new model of car once it is launched and made accessible to

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