Car Crash While Hitchhiking By Denis Johnson Essays

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In “Car Crash While Hitchhiking” by Denis Johnson, I have viewed the narrator as a visionary. A visionary is someone in a dreamlike state or trance who is able to see the future. Also, a visionary is someone who is unaware of what is going on around him. As I had kept reading I saw the narrator as a visionary because of the trance that he is in from taking too many drugs and alcohol, hearing and seeing things that nobody else able to experience and has been on a long journey seeking true human emotion that has been missing from his life. The narrator was in a dreamlike state of not knowing what was reality and what was the appearance. Johnson has stated that he was high on drugs, amphetamines, and hashish that was given to him by the salesman, student, and the Indian. Because of the drugs the narrator had taken, he claimed that he knew in advance that the accident was going to happen and saw what nobody else had seen. After the car crash, the narrator was looking at the man who was hanging from his car, he had noticed that the man “couldn’t tell what he was dreaming, and [the narrator] couldn’t tell him what was real” (Johnson 29). While looking at the man he came to realize that he was unaware of what was real and what was his imagination. The narrator is trap in his mind because the drugs have clouded his mind from the reality that he needs to act upon. A visionary is able to choice to help people around him, but the narrator does not care what happens to the family and…

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