Car Crash Is Wrong Essay

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And we've done the same thing in the stunt business. Some of the biggest car crashes that we've set up--Jen{nifer Caputo}, my wife, has been the one crashing the car. When I came into the movie business, I would constantly see this old, macho generation that if there was a woman in a car chase doubling an actress, when it came to the big, heavy crash, they would want to take the woman out and put a guy there. In reality, not only is it wrong morally, I feel, but it's also wrong from a safety and a physical standpoint. In reality, in the same car crash, a big heavy guy is wrong for several reasons. One thing is you have to make the protection in the car--the roll bar--you've got to make it bigger to accommodate him and his helmet. So this means that the bars are out closer to the roof which means there's less room for the car to absorb energy. Whereas if you're doing it with a smaller woman in the car, …show more content…
Well, I pretty much followed my brother. I was going to college out in Las Vegas finishing up a degree in hotel management. In 1992, my brother went to the Olympic trials for gymnastics. He didn't make it, so he decided he was going to go to LA and be a stuntman. We were kind of partners in crime, and he called me and said, "I'm gonna go to LA and be a stuntman. Do you want to go?" And I said, "Yes." So I met him out there, and that was twenty-five years ago now. I started off with a gymnastics background, and I got very interested in motorcycles. I ended up racing in the women's motocross for a few years. That was the way I got into working. People tend to think that if you can race motorcycles, you can do other things. So I started getting a lot more opportunities. I've picked up lots of skills. I went from motorcycles to cars and getting more fight jobs. I got good in the rigging department about twenty years ago, and I continue to pick up jobs in all those different areas. The older you get, the more you try to stay relevant by picking up new

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