Captivity of Killer Whales Essay

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Persuasive Speech Outline

The Effects of Captivity on Killer Whales

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that holding killer whales in captivity is harmful to the mammal.

Central Idea: Holding killer whales in captivity is a harmful problem to the mammal that requires action from both the government and the public.


On February 24, 2010 couples and families were seated in the stadiums at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida for one of the most popular shows at the theme park “Believe”. Unfortunately, many families participating in that day’s event were eye-witnesses to an extremely traumatic tragedy at the SeaWorld theme park. It was reported by CNN news that the trainer Dawna Brancheau was grabbed by the mouth of
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a. According to, killer whales live shorter lives than those in the wild due to a lack of stimulation.
b. Whales in captivity are not exposed to the same sights and sounds they would normally experience in the wild.
c. Whales who are unable to live with other sounds of other mammals and are confined to blue tanks with the sound of running pumps, loud music, and cheering crowds will eventually become stressed.
2. Killer whales undergo psychological stress when they are captured.
a. When a whale is captured, it is taken from its family and the separation and loss of bond can cause it extreme mental stress.
b. According to an article written by Stephen Lilley, 75% percent of whales do not survive through the intense separation period when taken captive.
3. According to, whales in captivity at marine mammal parks often are receiving poor oral health care.
a. Just as in humans, poor oral health and gum disease can lead to serious infections, illness, and even death in killer whales.
b. Almost half of the whales held in captivity, have broken or fractured teeth from biting on steel gates, and are not being properly repaired.
c. Whales teeth at marine theme parks eventually become infected or fall out because of poor oral health care and it is believed to be another link to why the whale’s life span is so much shorter.

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