Captain American Hero

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Captain America: Our Dream Hero
World War II had just begun, but the US hadn’t officially joined as yet. However, it was a popular topic that was followed with great interest. The actions of the Nazis and Axis powers went against everything that made America what it was, and there was a lot of rallying citizens to help with the war effort. The country had just recovered from the worst depression in economic history, and now the people were more loyal than ever before. Steve Rogers had grown up in the Great Depression, and at first he was your average boy full of love for his country, with a desire to serve in any capacity.
He was a small, weak boy, just out of high school at the beginning of World War II. Americans were full of disgust for
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He grew up in the Great Depression, lost his parents, didn’t have anything going for him, and then became a big strong hero through miraculous circumstances. Furthermore, he became a symbol for freedom and this dream, sporting the flag as his colors, carrying the name “Captain America”, joining the military. He was created to incite these feelings in those who saw his comics. During World War II, there was a lot of encouragement of patriotism in the media, and he was no exception. The message is clear: Fight for America, fight for your dream! As Americans, defending and protecting our rights has always been very important. Looking at Captain America, a parallel can be drawn with the fact that he carries a shield, a defensive weapon. Other superheroes usually carry some sort of powerful offensive weapon, or have a superpower. But he is not made into a weak coward because of his shield; instead he becomes a protector of whoever is fighting with him, the civilians nearby, and anyone else who needs it. The very reason he becomes frozen in ice for 70 years, is because of his desire to protect those around …show more content…
A complete list could never be made, because of what is perhaps one of the most important values, individuality. The “…belief that every individual is so unique that the same list of values could never be applied to all, or even most, of their fellow citizens” is the very core of the “American core” (Kohls 1). Captain America has been no exception, always supporting the little guy. I find it reasonable to believe that he would support the fights against discrimination, to take care of the less fortunate, make sure our children are educated, and that veterans can find jobs and proper therapy. Why do I find it reasonable? Because everyone should be allowed to live their personal version of the American experience, and be given the means to properly do

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