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Indirect Clinical Project: Quality Improvement

Healthcare has become a consumer driven industry with patient satisfaction equating to good customer service. Effective communication has been shown to be a key factor in both patient outcomes and satisfaction. Additionally, patient satisfaction has become a tool used by insurers to evaluate medical facilities and may impact reimbursement to hospitals for patient care. In this paper, I will discuss the issue of ineffective communication in the waiting area of the surgical services department at Mount Carmel East Hospital. The impact of ineffective communication effects patients and members of the perioperative team. Results of patient surveys
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Family members waiting for their loved ones are also affected. Lack of communication to patients waiting for surgery, particularly when there is a delay, can contributed to a heightened level of stress and anxiety. “Ineffective communication can be linked to higher levels of stress and anxiety which can negatively affect patient outcomes” (Stephens-Woods, 2008, p. 7). Additionally, health care workers and volunteers are impacted. Other key stakeholders include the perioperative staff, anesthesia team and surgeons. This domino effect extends to administration and ultimately the facility.

Data from outpatient satisfaction surveys was compiled and reviewed for this project. Results were reviewed for each quarter of 2012. Data from questions relating to communication was obtained from questions contained on the survey. The questions and results are as follows: when asked if instructions were received upon arrival to the outpatient area patients responded “yes” an average of 84% of the time; being informed of delays averaged 77% of the time; overall waiting area satisfaction averaged 77%; and the likelihood of recommending MCE outpatient surgical services was an average of 83% (Mount Carmel, 2012). The data supported a need for communication that occurred within the waiting area with scores below department goals which have been established to be 90% or better.
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