Capstone Project On Health Care Management Essay

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Capstone Project in Health Care Management
The day-to-day operations within a healthcare facility are crucial to its success. The operation manager must stay focused on the delivery of state-of-the-art health care while looking to improve future technology at the facility. This entails not only equipment and technology but also assuring that state-mandated regulations are closely followed. The operations manager can often be the difference between a well-maintained and operated hospital/clinic or a chaotic environment where the quality of patient care suffers (GE Healthcare, 2014). Clearly, the stakes in any merger or acquisition are high when bringing two different cultures together under the same roof, but when done properly, it will form a collaborative, high-performance new company. The decisions made during this time about people, process, technology, and the organization will have a long-term impact, for better or worse. Therefore, it is vital to develop a detailed integration plan to ensure these decisions are taken with a long-term view.
The operations manager must insure informed purchasing decisions are made and improve procurement effectiveness by providing purchasing expertise and advice to hospital departments (Langabeer & Helton, 2016). Before going outside the company to procure new products, the operations manager will check to see if the resources needed are already in house. Most companies that have been in existence for several…

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