Capstone Project It331 Essay

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Capstone Project
IT 331

Table of Contents Problem Statement 3 Future Growth 3 Proposed Solution 4 Wireless Features 4 Setting up the Network 5 Servers 5 Workstations 5 Printers 6 Network Connections 7 Hardware and Software Setup 7 Back Up System 8 Services and Monthly Charges 9 Planning Phases 9 Phase One 9 Phase Two 10 Phase Three 11 Future Planning 11 Future Wireless Use 11 Feedback 12 Ordering List 13 Table of Expenses 14

Problem Statement Five doctor offices have decided to join each of their buildings to a network. With this, each office will have access to each of the other four offices’ information. This would greatly benefit them and their patients, allowing them to pull up a
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Each of the fifteen workstations will be connected to a print server located in each separate building. They will also be connected to each of the four servers located in the center of the network. These workstations will be able to access the files and applications that each server will host to each of the five locations. In order to prevent anyone from accessing applications that they have no business with, the server acting as the domain controller will place each user’s account into a specific group that will have certain rights and privileges to applications related to their daily tasks. This way, only users who have business accessing certain files can do so.
The network would also require printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. Having these four pieces of hardware for each building would not only take up room but raise costs to purchase all of these separately. Fortunately, the Dell V525w All-in-One Wireless Inkjet Printer combines all four pieces of hardware into one machine. This combination of a printer, scanner, copier and fax machine would cost $89.99 each. Two of these would be placed in each of the four surrounding offices and the remaining three would be placed in the central office. Each of these printers would be connected to a print server that would queue any incoming print jobs from any of the several workstations in the network. These printers also have wireless capabilities, so any laptops connected to the network still have

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