Capitalism And The Swadeshi Movement

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It is impossible to analyze capitalism without recognizing the factors that allow the system to evolve over time. The system has changed due to a wide variety of factors ranging from technology to new markets to political reform. These forces have constantly faced opposition from existing power structures that have an interest in maintaining the status quo which has taken various forms ranging from colonial powers to corporations to stock exchanges. Thus, capitalism developed over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries through constant challenges to existing hierarchies which repeatedly attempted to exclude others in order to maintain their control on governments, markets, and capital with inevitable changes through constant economic …show more content…
It first faced pushback against technology itself. Many in India were skeptical of technology and modernity at large (Arnold, 27). However, this movement never reached the success as the swadeshi movement. This focused on Indian nationalism and independence and it took on many forms. It firstly focused on production. As mentioned previously, one of the ways in which Britain maintained control was through importing technology that had become essential to the everyday lives. The solution for many Indians was to begin manufacturing these goods for themselves. They began producing their own bicycles and typewriters (Arnold, 136). They even made British goods indigenous as well. They would give traditionally British products their own unique names specific to their own culture which also served as a way of invoking British nationalism (Arnold, 144). Whereas some under colonial rule fought against new industries, Indians took a different approach given they were working with tools that were becoming increasingly necessary for everyday life. They claimed it as their own and used a tool of British colonialism against them. Subtle use of colonial power still ran into issues of disruption by the indigenous populations and only fueled calls for independence and

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